Security Tools For Preventing Package Theft This Holiday Season

November 30th, 2020

The holidays and the biggest annual shopping season will look a bit different this year as more people are taking to online shopping rather than in-store due to the pandemic. With so many digital transactions taking place, we need to be more diligent about our security since we will have packages delivered right to our Cincinnati doorstep.

To help you ensure better home security in OH and avoid package theft this holiday season, we will discuss some security tools you can use for protection. With them, you can have more peace of mind as you check off your holiday shopping list.

Surveillance System

Having the right kind of surveillance system in place is important when it comes to combatting porch piracy. It is an excellent way to deter porch pirates from snatching up your packages. Criminals have admitted that visible cameras discourage them from doing anything suspicious or illegal.

You should have cameras strategically positioned on your porch so that they cover your front door, porch area, and even the garage and front of the house. While they can't entirely stop theft from happening, they can help you identify who stole your items.

Video Doorbells

Surveillance systems and security cameras can definitely help keep theft at bay, but a doorbell camera can take this a bit further. The typical video doorbell system is equipped with motion detectors, a camera, a two-way audio communication device, and a mobile application. Every part of the system works with the rest to deter package thieves.

The motion detector will alert you of someone's presence at the front door via the mobile application. You can then look at the video camera through the app to see who is there. You can then communicate with the person using the two-way audio feature. This can go a long way in preventing package theft.

Smart Locks

Now that we have covered a couple of deterrents, let's talk about a possible package theft solution. When you have smart locks installed in your home, you can lock and unlock your doors remotely. You no longer have to rely on a key and being physically present to secure them.

If you are comfortable enough with the delivery company or your courier, you can use your smart locks to unlock the doors for them. That way, they can leave your packages right inside your home. You can then lock the doors once they have left.

Combining a video system with smart locks will allow you to boost the functionality of your security system and add an extra layer of protection for your home.

Make Your Home A Safer Place

To do this, consider purchasing a new security system or upgrading your current one to include some of the features we have covered today.

If you do not know where to start, contact your local security experts in Cincinnati, OH. In the meantime, you should also consider having your packages delivered to your workplace or another secure location, such as a family member’s or trusted neighbor's home. You can do so until you have your complete security solution in place.